Junttan HHK4-1200 Hydraulic Hammer

Used Junttan HHK4-1200 hydraulic hammer for driving wide range of pile types.


Used Junttan HHK4-1200 hydraulic hammer.

Suitable for driving all types of piles; pre-cast concrete, steel tube, sheet or profile, and timber.

Impact energy and blow rate can be steplessly adjusted according to soil condition and pile used.

The hammer can be operated by the hydraulic system of the rig, or by separate powerpack.

Included with equipment:

  • Hoisting device
  • Guide claws
  • Control box
  • Drive cap(s) (on request)
  • Anvil

Hoses not included.

Additional information

Year of Manufactory


Max. energy

48 kNm

Ram block weight

4000 kg

Max. drop height

1200 mm

Transport weight

±6500 kg (incl. guideclaws and adapter)

Total length

±5,50 m

Oil flow

300 litres/min

Operating pressure

140 bar

Guide claws

Junttan 80/80×500 mm (or Delmag Ø70×330 mm, on request)

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